Tips to Ease the Move from

Transferring home locations is a tough and tiring activity especially if you are dealing with tons of stuff including huge furniture. It takes organizing and planning skills and a good deal of patience.

Hundreds of families move every day and many of them experience disruptions in the process. Aside from it being tiresome, moving also means spending and that means, you should also be wise enough to make budget-friendly decisions.

Below, we have gathered tips on moving smoothly without having to spend too much.

•    Plan the Move

Storage_ContainerTo reduce the complexity of the whole process, break it down into weeks. If you have two months to prepare, for example, spend the first two weeks finding the cheapest and shortest route to take when moving. You may also want to do an estimate of the expenses (including taxes) you would incur in the process. Start packing by checking your closets and getting rid of anything that is no longer needed.

You will need to do the packing week per week, starting with the tiniest and the most important items then to the bigger ones. Get a piece of paper or a calendar and do the plotting: “Week 1: Essentials, Documents, Favorite Items, etc.; Week 2: Clothes…” and so on. Separate the stuff you don’t need as they will just occupy space that you can use for more important items. You can also sell or donate them.

Do this and you will be surprised on how manageable the whole process will be. Also, remember to start early so you can still make adjustments to your schedule should problems arise.

•    Pack them Right!

Separate the valuables from the regular items when packing. It is important to do this to avoid breakage and other damages. Buy boxes from the nearest stores and label each of them on the sides so you will know each box’s contents.

In packing small valuables such as items made of glass, fill the box with cloth or anything thick and soft. Another tip: place plates or records into the boxes horizontally.

•    Hire Movers

Hiring movers will make the process easier. Imagine carrying your favorite upright piano with your kids and breaking it. Disastrous!

•    Rent Portable Storage

To ease the move, you may rent or purchase moveable containers where you can store your things. In this case, we at the Moveable Container Storage can give you good options.
You may visit our site,, for further information.

moveablecontainerWith a portable container, storing your all your things in one place will make the job of moving easier. Having one means you won’t have to divide which stuff should be taken in which car. Store everything in one place – get them all in one place. It will save you effort and time.

Of course, it is important that the container you purchase fits your needs. It should also be in good condition. At MCS, we can help by giving you an option to have your container delivered with a security lock box affixed to the doors. Moreover, our weather-resistant, ground level containers made of steel can work perfectly when it comes to managing space. You can get to know us more at

•    Protect your Special Items

If possible, take them with you. You may put them in your car. You wouldn’t want to regret later.

If you are storing your things in a portable container, most of our fleet offering containers come with highly secure lock box. You will find more information about this on our website at

•    And Lastly, Clean, Clean, Clean!

Clean your house without hiring a cleaning company. This way, you can save money. Free a day or two in your schedule to do this. Make sure to remove all dirt and your possessions to create a positive impression to its new owners.

Once you are all done and you have moved already, celebrate your new life in your new home. Create a fresh and homey atmosphere by decorating it after you have unloaded and installed your stuff.

Moving can prove to be a challenging task, but with an organized process, you can make everything efficient. On our website,, you will find several articles related to moving or relocating.

Lanyards and Art

Lanyards can be used for all sorts of things and not just to hang your identification cards over your neck. You can also use it to make art or add unexpected color into an otherwise boring old item in the house.

One way to make art out of a lanyard is to personalize it. You can do this by selecting a design and asking the store personnel selling the lanyard to print it in your lanyard. Another way to personalize your lanyard is to use colorful beads and add your own style. Use different sizes of beads to make it more interesting.


A glue gun or any permanent glue can help stick the beads onto the lanyard. You can even sew on the beads on the lanyard. Make your lanyards fancier by using some Swarovski Crystals. These are more expensive than regular beads, but they will certainly add some bling into your lanyard.

Buy plain white lanyards from and ask children in art class or in a party to design them and take home as souvenirs. Use fabric paint that does not wash away easily. Glitter glue can add some fun and sparkle onto the lanyard, but you can remove these easily. Once the children have finished their artwork, take a photo of the child wearing his or her own lanyard.

At a family reunion, designing your own lanyard can be an activity that all the family members can get into. Family members with little artistic talents will not be too intimidated by a lanyard because it is smaller than a canvas while more artistically inclined family members will find decorating a smaller space to be a challenge.

Sew a lanyard on t-shirts or other items of clothing for a different look. This is similar to the way that suspenders or ties are sometimes sewed on to t-shirts to make a cute design especially on children’s clothing. You can easily personalize the lanyard, so sewing it on to an item of clothing can make it undoubtedly yours. Sew it on sleeves or the bottom of your jeans for an unexpected pop of color. Sew it as piping on your blouses or add it onto plain inexpensive ties to add some texture.

Cross-stitch on a lanyard. Some lanyards are made with materials that can be easily cross-stitched into. Cross-stitching a lanyard adds a personal touch especially if these will be given as gifts. Cross-stitching a lanyard can also make for a quick art activity for kids to make. Use small and simple cross-stitch designs that will not take too long to make.

Use a lanyard on your scrapbook. There are colorful lanyards that you can use to add a 3D effect on your scrapbook page. Use it as borders for your page. If a lanyard was bought from a recent trip or an important event, it can be used to add interest to your scrapbook page as well. Put them in acid free clear plastic to display and not affect the colors of your photos and the papers you used on the scrapbook page. Use a lanyard as a frame for the picture in your scrapbook to make it more interesting.

An old lanyard can bring a boring pen new life. Use a colorful lanyard and wrap around a pen using a glue gun to give it a different look. Then, using a permanent marker, draw designs onto the lanyard wrapped pen to personalize it. Add some sequins or beads or anything that sparkles to make cute lanyard wrapped pens to give to children. Use different designs from different events to make your pen more colorful and unique.

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Lanyards can be used for all sorts of things and not just to hang your identification cards over your neck.

Get the Best Value for your Money with Homes for Sale in Long Island

So you’re planning to move to a new place for a fresh start. Sure, you have the financial resources at hand, and you’re ready to look for the right house, but hold your horses first, because whatever house you choose, you can get the best value for your money with homes for sale in Long Island. It’s not very difficult to do this if you know where to start. You can start searching for homes for sale in Long Island by getting in touch with an expert realtor. If you don’t have prior experience with purchasing a house or property, then don’t do everything on your own. These professionals are experienced in assessing houses, and you can talk with them about your preferences and your needs.

 Here are some guidelines to help you with your search.

Successful homemakers never settle for cheapskate and substandard property. Just because you don’t have enough money to buy a Victorian mansion, you can still manage to find something that will feel homely, quaint, and charming within your price range. However, don’t just settle. Look further and read more about homes for sale in Long Island because the city promises many choices and opportunities for a better lifestyle.

homeNext, you need to take into consideration your lifestyle when you purchase a house for yourself or your family. Try to assess what really defines you. If you’re a trendsetter, then a community that’s adjacent to boutiques and fashion stores can be a welcome change when you move to a new location. If you’re a mother with school-age children, your main priorities are your kids’ safety and access to quality education. Proximity to schools is ideal for moms. Proximity to stores is also ideal. If you’re a working mom, proximity to the workplace will matter as well.

Numerous homes in Long Island feature convenience because of different modes of land transportation such as taxis and buses which are ideal for people who don’t have their own cars. So if you don’t have one, you may want to consider proximity to bus stops as well. As for those people who work from home and make use of the internet to earn a living, then they may need to consider a community that’s free of noise pollution and busybodies that can disrupt your productive work all throughout the day. You can ask telecommuters about their choice of home, and believe it or not, most of them will tell you that living in a house in a peaceful little neighborhood outside of the big city with non-intrusive neighbors is better than living in high-rise condos in urban areas where you can’t see the stars at night and you can constantly hear the hustle and bustle of daily life as well as noise pollution.

Plan out everything before you embark on your search for the perfect house for yourself or for the people you love and live with. When you finally find that perfect house, don’t just settle for the available amenities that come with it. Instead, reward your hard work and labor with additional amenities like a deep bathtub, a backyard pool, or a patio that you can always remodel to suit your mood or taste for beauty at any time of the year. Talk to your realtor for a start, and do extensive research. In the end, your toil will surely reward you with nothing but the best.

Five Tips for Buying Golf Equipment

They say that when it comes to either playing an instrument or playing a sport, superior skills matter more than superior equipment. However, there’s no debating the fact that even the best performers or athletes would be significantly handicapped if they were forced to compete using shoddy gear. And in this case, golfers are no exception.

Choosing the right equipment is a must in any field, but even expert golfers sometimes tend to miss the mark. Generally, golfers are advised to seek assistance at golf equipment retailers (like those that specialize in Callaway golf products) before they actually purchase anything, but for those who might be forced to order their stuff online.

The following are a few helpful tips for ensuring that they get the right apparatus :

1. Buy equipment from tried and tested companies.

This is a must, especially for golfers who are just starting out since substandard gear can greatly sabotage a beginner’s form and enthusiasm. Tried and tested golf equipment retailers and manufacturers (such as Callaway golf) have had decades to hone the techniques for manufacturing quality equipment and regularly undergo strict quality control inspections to maintain their product standards. Lesser known retailers and manufacturers (especially the ones that sell golf equipment at suspiciously low prices) are generally not as strict as their more established counterparts with regards to manufacturing and sourcing their merchandise. Thus, purchasing from them tends to be more costly and possibly even dangerous in the long run.

2. Consider the terrain of the home court prior to buying golf wedges.

golf wedgesWhether a golf wedge needs to have more bounce or more loft greatly depends on whether the player’s home golf course has a wide, sandy landscape (which requires more bounce) or tight, elevated greens (which requires more loft). A golfer can always buy a set of golf wedges with varying levels of bounce and loft, of course, but beginners on a limited budget can focus on one or two golf wedges first.

3. Do not purchase a “one size fits all” golf club.

For one, there is really no such thing, and no respectable golf equipment retailer or manufacturer (such as Callaway golf) would even suggest such a thing. Golfers come in different shapes, sizes, and heights and they also employ significantly different forms and swings. Thus, a golf club’s length, weight, and angle should be carefully examined to make sure that they match the player’s physical build and skill level. Since picking the right golf club is perhaps the most essential step towards building a good set of equipment, it is also highly recommended for the golfer to visit a reputable golf equipment retailer (e.g. those that offer Callaway golf) so that they can get fitted for one properly.

4. Choosing the right set of golf balls also matters.

Golf EquipmentThe ideal golf ball is neither too hard nor too soft, and usually spins low off a driver but does otherwise on a wedge. Golf courses do have standard-issue golf balls on hand, but the aspiring golfer might want to invest in their own set to encourage a bit more uniformity in their play.

5. Keep in mind that ladies and children have different equipment requirements.

For those who want to get their kids started at a young age, choosing a starter set of golf clubs that are scaled down to the child’s size is imperative. Also, some parents might be tempted to purchase a full set of 14 junior golf clubs right away, but a starter set is recommended at the onset since the child might lose interest in the sport right away. For female golfers, on the other hand, they should pay close attention to the height and weight of the clubs that they purchase. Women tend to have lighter builds than their male counterparts and getting a heavyweight set can be counterproductive.

PCB Fabrication Simplified

Printed Circuit Boards (PCB) are thin plates of electronic components designed to transfer information within self-contained modules as well as communicate with external devices. The Printed Circuit Board was invented and applied in 1936 by Austrian Engineer Paul Esler as part of a radio set. Today, most circuits used in electronic appliances, machines, computers, and mobile phones are made up of PCBs.

Pcb fabricationIndustrial PCB fabrication consists of many steps which follow the strict protocols set by the IPC in relation to assembly, design, and quality control. These protocols set the standard for each manufacturing company, big or small, all around the globe to ensure that the customers will never get a defective product.

After the design process has been accomplished, data is brought inside an isolated fabrication facility with a controlled environment, preventing the raw material from getting damaged. In here, multiple steps are followed in accordance to the standards of the IPC.


PCB fabrication starts using the data generated through Computer-Aided Design (CAD) which is read by Computer-Aided Manufacturing (CAM) software. The CAM processes the raw data from the CAD and after verification and adjustment, the CAM generates data that will later be used by the different machines in the manufacturing process.

Copper Patterning

Copper sheets are patterned with protective layers through the fabricator’s CAM system using different methods such as silkscreen, photoengraving, and milling depending on the manufacturer. These patterns will protect the parts of the copper that will be kept during the etching process.

Copper Reduction

The patterned copper board is bathed in a chemical solution of either Ferric Chloride (FeCl) or a mixture of Hydrogen Peroxide (H2O2) and Hydrochloric Acid (HCL). This removes the excess copper and leaves only the desired pattern. Once reduced, layers of fiberglass are added and afterwards, plated in copper. For multiplayer PCB fabrication, the above processes are repeated until the required number of layers is reached.


The plated boards are sent to be cleaned, dried, and drilled with computer-controlled machinery. Vias, or smaller holes that are used to connect board layers are plated during the drilling process. Vias are used to electronically join the layers of copper where the hole passes through. Further cleaning is done to remove any unnecessary dust that may cause the boards to short-circuit when electric charges are applied to them.


Solder masks are applied to the holes in order to protect the copper from natural oxidation and to prevent solders from sticking. On the other hand, solder pads and connections are intentionally left unmasked to allow for an easier time soldering in gold over nickel or tin, achieving conduction along with protection for the underlying copper.


As per the ICP standards for PCB fabrication, a legend is printed on one or both sides of the PCB. It contains the test points, component designators, switch settings, and other vital information helpful in assembling, servicing, and testing the circuit board.

Bare-board Testing

Unpopulated boards, or boards without any components yet such as resistors, capacitors, or inductors, are subjected to a series of tests in order to ensure their quality and functionality. These tests include (1) visual inspection guided by the published guidelines of JEDEC Solid State Technology Association (formerly Joint Electronic Device Engineering Council), (2) analog signature analysis, (3) in-circuit tests where empirical data such as resistance, voltage, and other basic quantities are measured, and (4) functionality tests to see if the PCB could do what it was designed to do.

Packaging and Protection

The accomplished boards are coated with conformal coating to prevent corrosion, current leakage, or electric shorts due to condensation. A more commonly used technique for protection is sputtering the board in a soft plastic bag inside a vacuum chamber. PCBs are sensitive to static electricity and therefore, are sealed inside antistatic bags during transportation.

Those are the key steps of fabrication. While those may still seem complicated, it’s safe to say that many companies have mastered the art of manufacturing PCBs.

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PCB Fabrication is a professional printed circuit board (PCB) provider located in Washington State, USA.Pcb fabrication are ready and able to produce the finest quality products that our customers have come to expect. 

A Newbie’s Guide to Looking for Military Coins

Collecting military coins can be a fun hobby. In fact, former US President Bill Clinton is famous for giving out challenge coins as well as having a big collection of them. His portrait in the White House shows just how proud he is of his own collection of challenge coins.

People have begun to follow suit. More and more people are starting to collect challenge coins as a hobby. It may be because they like the designs, the history or just a special fascination for what the coins represent in general.

Whatever the case might be, people who plan to take challenge coin collecting seriously will eventually have to learn how to look them. There are plenty of places out there that sell military coins. Most beginners don’t really have a clue on where to get them though. So here’s a simple guide to finding challenge coins for newbies.

Browsing through the internet

custom-challenge-military-coinsThe internet is a person’s best friend. It can provide them with easily accessible information almost 24/7. It’s probably the reason why so many people do their shopping on the internet nowadays.

E-commerce websites are common on the internet. These websites often have a lot of merchants or traders who sell their coins on the net. This is the easiest way for a person to find the coin that they’re looking for.

The great thing about buying military coins on the internet is that they’re often priced at a bargain. It’s difficult to find someone who can match or better the price of coins on the internet.

Furthermore, it’s quite easy to find websites that sell coins. People don’t need to leave their house in order to go shopping. It’s really as simple as going on the net and typing for that particular coin a person wants.

The downside is that a person can’t really inspect the coin up close and personal. There are instances where people have been duped into thinking that they’ll get what they were looking for only to be disappointed once the package arrived on their doorstep. A little bit of care and prudence goes a long way when buying military coins on the internet.

Visiting antique stores or pawnshops

Antique stores and pawnshops are some of the coolest places on the planet. They have all sorts of unique stuff that a person might be interested in.

Some of these stores are sort of like history museums in that they have a large stock of really wonderful and neat stuff that someone might be interested in buying.

Never underestimate the coins that these stores can sell. Sure, brick and mortar stores are largely falling out of style ever since the rise of the information technology.

The advantage of buying these challenge coins off of these stores is that buyers get to see the merchandise in person. They don’t have to worry about being duped or swindled like they do on the internet. The downside is that a person’s options and selection will be limited in cases of brick and mortar stores.

Asking those who might be in the know

When all else fails, people who buy, sell, or collect challenge coins will be the best source of information. There are plenty of other people out there who collect challenge coins. Those who are new to the challenge coin collecting world will learn a lot from what these people have to share.

It’s easy to get a hold of these people. The internet is home to plenty of websites and forums where people who like to talk about and collect military coins hang out.

Long Island Foreclosure Lawyer’s Advice: Short Sales Leave You Shortchanged

Given the widespread financial distress in today’s economy, it is not surprising that people have succumbed to what is known as a short sale, wherein the lending institution decides to sell a home for an amount that is actually less than the full remaining balance owed by the owner of the said property. A homeowner whose mortgage is in default may find the idea of a short sale favorable in order to avoid losing his home to foreclosure.

Quick Sale

lawAsking for the expert assistance of a Long Island foreclosure lawyer is crucial when one is deciding on doing a short sale, especially when one is at risk of not being able to pay his monthly mortgage payments. When appropriately settled, doing a short sale may temporarily provide the homeowner a reprieve from his financial obligations, without adding to his already distressed financial situation.

The Real Score

Or so the homeowner thinks. Without the guidance of a skilled Long Island foreclosure lawyer, the homeowner could be deceived and end up shouldering the difference between the sale price from the short sale and the principal mortgage amount, not to mention the tax liabilities attached to the transaction, a very important matter that the homeowner was not made aware of.

A financially troubled homeowner can be encouraged by the lending institution into doing a short sale on their property in order to relieve them of their financial distress with no strings attached. But the truth is that for the long term, the homeowner himself does not benefit from the short sale at all; the ones who truly gain from a short sale are the lending institution, the real estate agent, and the buyer of the property.

Who Gets The Short End Of The Deal?

In a short sale, the lending institution is relieved of the burden of going through a foreclosure process, which can be financially draining on its part; the real estate agent gets his commission; and the buyer gets a home for a price that is much lower than the real value of the property. On the other hand, the homeowner who is now supposedly free from a source of financial burden does not receive any form of monetary gain from the short sale. In fact, the short-changed homeowner no longer has a property to call his home, has no extra cash to spare for renting a residential space, and now has an undesirable credit history.

Consequences Of A Short Sale

Despite the glowing statements that people typically hear about the advantages of doing a short sale, this type of transaction is not beneficial to the homeowner at all. A short sale may initially ease the financial stress experienced by the homeowner, but the damage done will be irreversible: A short sale will definitely taint his credit history and hurt his credit rating.

Compared to doing a short sale, going through a foreclosure process with the help of a competent Long Island foreclosure lawyer might actually be more advantageous to the homeowner; the foreclosure proceedings can be delayed and the possibility of having the homeowner’s property put up in a foreclosure sale can be avoided. On the same note, filing a bankruptcy case proves to be more beneficial to the homeowner as he is cleared of his financial obligations and has the chance to improve on his credit rating.

Furthermore, because the mortgage lending institution does not actually treat the short sale amount as a full payment of the property sold, the homeowner ends up being obligated to pay for the taxes resulting from the short sale. A homeowner would be wise to heed a Long Island foreclosure lawyer’s words should the latter advise against doing a short sale. If it appears to greatly benefit the homeowner, it must be because the sale is done on illegal terms, which is never advantageous to a homeowner.